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Austral Yachts have been manufacturing quality boats for over 40 years.  During that time the Austral Association was formed, from a group of enthusiastic boat owners. The object of the association was to encourage the growth of “One‚ design class yachts” and then to supervise the racing of those classes and to foster participants in association activities.

Austral Yachts has spent considerable time and effort researching the marine industry in China. We have now re-located our manufacturing capability into China to continue to make competitively priced and the highest quality boats for the Australian and International markets.

Currently there are new design proposals being evaluated by Austral Yachts, 2016 and beyond will be a new and exciting time for Austral Yachts. Please stay tuned for further updates.

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Farr 42

The Farr 42 is built by Austral Yachts to bring a competitive Cruiser/Racer to both the Australian and International markets. This Farr designed yacht is a strong contender for handicap wins in both round the buoys and offshore events using IRC ratings. The interior features provide for safe and comfortable cruising. 

Clubman 36

The Clubman 36 is a balance between out and out racing performance and the practical enjoyment of sailing for less strenuous pursuits.  Race winning necessities such as high performance composite foils, close sheeting angles and ergonomic cockpit layout have been integrated with a high volume comfortable interior.

Clubman 8

This award winning 8 metre trailerable yacht made by Austral Yachts has a proven reputation for safety and comfort in extended cruising and for winning races both across the line and on handicap throughout Australia. The interior layout features six berths, a comfortable saloon with fold away table and complete galley facilities.

Farr 42 interior for safe and comfortable cruising

Farr 42

The Farr 42 is built by Austral Yachts to bring a competitive Cruiser/Racer to both the Australian and International markets. This Farr designed yacht is a strong contender for handicap wins in both round the buoys and offshore events using IRC ratings. The interior features and accommodation provide for safe and comfortable cruising.

The T-style keel with a lead bulb supported by a cast iron fin gives the boat a low centre of gravity and minimised wetted area. This allows the rig and interior to be positioned to suit the hull centre of buoyancy preferences and produces a relatively simple structural solution.

Deck and interior have been designed around the dual requirements of comfortable, workable cruising accommodation and the necessary cockpit workspace for round the buoys racing. The well-proven interior layout features a central saloon, berths both forward and aft, galley to port, navigation station to starboard and more than ample locker space. Double or single berths aft are optional. Twin wheels afford the helmsman good viewing for sailing and offer a passage through the centre of the cockpit for crew movement.

Rig is a standard 20-degree swept-spreader with the option of a prod or standard pole for downwind work. Either aluminium or carbon rigs are available. Hull, deck and interior grid construction is in E-glass sandwich.

LOA: 12.75 m/41.8 ft
Beam: 3.94 m/12.9 ft
Draft: 2.55 m/8.4 ft
Displacement: 7,300 Kg/16.094lbs
I:  17.32 m/56.8 ft
P: 17.31 m/56.8 ft
E: 6.07 m/19.9 ft
J: 4.93 m/16.2 ft

Clubman 36
Comfort balanced racer 

Clubman 36

The Clubman 36 is a balance between out and out racing performance and the practical enjoyment of sailing for less strenuous pursuits.  Race winning necessities such as high performance composite foils, close sheeting angles and ergonomic cockpit layout have been integrated with a high volume comfortable interior.

The interior layout is centred around a fore and aft galley opposing a large settee with a centreline bolster seat.  Sleeping accommodation is in two spacious double cabins which afford generous headroom and floor space.  A traditional navigation station situated to starboard serves both as the boat's command centre and mini-floating office.  There is a large head and enclosed shower.

On deck the cockpit features generous seating with comfortable backrests which in no way impede the ability of the crew to sail the boat hard when racing. The swept spreader rig is available in either Aluminium or Carbon.  This is an easily tuned performance boat which is also capable of surviving the toughest Hobart.  With no runners and small headsail area this rig further simplifies the sailing of the boat which is benefitial to both casual cruising as well as serious racing.

The hull is laminated with Vinylester and Polyester Resins using E Glass, Double Bias and Triaxial Fabrics with Foam Cores.

LOA: 11m/36.1 ft
Beam: 3.5m/11.5 ft 
Draft: 2.16 m/7.1 ft 
Displacement: 4,950Kg/10.910lbs
I: 13.7m/44.9 ft 
P: 13.7m/44.9 ft
E: 5.0m/16.4 ft 
J: 4.24m/13.9 ft

Clubman Super 30
One design class racer

Clubman Super 30

The Clubman Super 30 is a very competitive 9.5 metre sports boat in both inshore and offshore racing. This one design class racer is very suitable for IRC rating. The retractable keel allows the boat to be easily transported from regatta to regatta as well as being able to be boat ramp launched.

The clean and uncluttered deck layout combined with a large cockpit allows the racing crew to perform their duties safely and efficiently making this boat ideal for off-shore events like the Sydney to Southport and Adelaide to Port Lincoln races.

The functional interior layout offers accommodation with a level of comfort far superior to other ‘stripped out’ sports boats. Standard Carbon rig has no running backstays and features swept back spreaders. A mast head assymetrical spinnaker enhances down wind performance capabilities.

This competitively priced boat must be considered by all sailors who are serious about a sports boat campaign.

LOA 9.50m/31.2 ft
Beam  3.29m/10.8 ft
Draft 2.10m/6.9 ft
Displacement  2,800Kg/6,174lbs
I: 12.1m/39.8 ft
P: 12.6m/41.3 ft
E: 4.5m/14.8 ft
J: 3.7m/12.1 ft

Clubman 8
Award winning trailerable

Clubman 8

This award winning 8 metre trailerable yacht has a proven reputation for safety and comfort in extended cruising and for winning races both across the line and on handicap throughout Australia.

The interior layout features 6 berths, including an innovative double under the cockpit, a comfortable saloon with fold away table and complete galley facilities. Tunnelled halyards on the cabin top are a feature of the clean deck layout. The cockpit has ample room for crew movement whilst racing, and the outboard is housed in a well in a starboard locker with an external breather.

The aluminium mast with single aluminium speader is easy to raise and lower.

LOA 8.150m/26.7 ft
Beam 2.450m/8.0ft
Draft 0.230-1.830m/0.7-6.0 ft
Displacement 1250Kg/2,756lbs
Towing Weight (approx)
1800 – 1900Kg/3,968 – 4,189lbs
Sail Area 32 sq ft

Austral Yachts

News & Events - Austral Yachts

Dun Laoghaire Regatta Crowns IRC Coastal Winner WOW 'Volvo Boat of the Week' - Afloat Magazine, Sunday, 12 July 2015

George Sisk's Wow was named Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta's 'Boat of the Week' after an impressive offshore performance. Dublin Yacht Club's shared the bulk of the overall prizes at Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta2015 this afternoon, winning 22 of the 29 classes including the coveted 'Boat of the Week' Trophy.

Veteran big boat campaigner George Sisk's Farr 42 WOW from the Royal Irish Yacht Club was named top boat after winning three of four challenging IRC Coastal races in a buoyant turnout of 25 boats in the offshore class. Read the Full Story>>

Hamilton Island Race Week August 2010

Evolution Racing WINS Regatta - The Farr 42 built by Austral Yachts in South Australia called Evolution Racing, chartered by Ray Roberts for the regatta, wins first place in IRC Passage Division 1 of the Hamilton Island Race Week 2010.  Read the full story with pictures >>

Farr 42 May 2007

Austral Yachts is proud to announce their first international export of the Farr 42. Headed for Ireland, this is the first in what is expected to be a long line of international exports. With interest from Scandinavia and Western Europe, the US and even as far away as Azerbaijan, the Farr 42 has certainly turned a few heads. Read more >>

Australian Sailing April 2007

Ray Borrett of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria has had a succession of Yachts named Laurelle in honour of his daughters Lauren and Michelle. His previous boat was an Austral Clubman Super 30, forging a relationship with South Australian boat builder Michael Keough of Austral Yachts. Download PDF >>

Farr 42 Club Marine Feb 2007

Can a seriously competitive race boat double as a fully-equipped cruiser on its days off? Ray Borrett asked the question and Laurelle provided the answer. Ray Borrett has been around performance cars for most of his when he describes his new boat Laurelle as a cruiser/racer you could well imagine him portraying his pride and joy to his wife in the way a man might insist that his new Audi TT is an ideal family saloon. Download PDF >>

Boats Plus March 2003

For a summer afternoon the marina seems exceptionally quiet as my mate David and I step it out along the pontoons trying not to miss our 3.30pm scheduled arrival time. We figure most people are still sleeping off their New Year’s hangovers, or catching up on jobs around home. Download PDF >>

Modern Boating February 2003

Australian builder Austral Yachts' latest offering is a lively cruiser/club racer with the option of getting more serious around the racetrack, reports Vanessa Dudley Download PDF >>

Australian Sailing October 2001

For many people, in many locations, owning a small cruiser/racer is only affordable or feasible if it can be kept on a trailer at home, or in a club yard. Download PDF >>

Trade A Boat April 2001

Australian company Austral Yachts has brought some 30 years of experience with trailerable yachts to meet the challenge of developing a fast, modern offshore and club racer. Download PDF >>

Australian Yachting March 2001

The launch boat that also named a class, Clubman, was built for and with input from Geoffrey Vercoe, one of Adelaide’s keenest supporters of far-flung regattas. Download PDF >>

Australian Sailing November 2000

Austral Yachts at Hamilton Island Race Week launched its new Clubman Super 30, a Scott Jutson onedesign keelboat targeting the growing interest in the Super 30 JOG class and set up to be inexpensively portable between regattas. Download PDF >>

Australian Waters June 1999

The calm, quiet voice of boatbuilder Adrian Keough assured me over the 'phone that I would be welcome to visit his yard in Hackham. A few days later I called out to Cottage Lane, turned up a tree-lined driveway, then drove past a pleasant house and gardens to the boatyard beyond. There I saw half a dozen gleaming yachts on trailers, and two large workshops. Download PDF >>

East Coast Boating June 1988

The trailer-sailer concept has been through a multitude of design expressions - water-ballast, alloy construction, TSs which would require a front-end loader to transport them and the current little "trick" go-fastrange, again originating in New Zealand. However, there are not many current trailer-sailers that fulfil the role of a genuine cruiser-racer. Download PDF >>

Australian Yachting July 1997

A family business, the company now employs 12 people. Austral have built over 350 yachts ranging in size from 20 feet to 40 feet, 300 of these being trailable. An association of owners has a membership of over 150 with sail training as a primary part of the association's function to encourage family involvement. Download PDF >>

Modern Boating July 1993

New-generation TS is big enough to offer speed and space, light enough to be manageable, and built to world standards. Download PDF >>

Australian Sailing June 1993

Austral Yachts' new trailerable, besides having the accommodation of a small yacht sails with a yacht-like feel. Download PDF >>

Australian Yachting May 1993

Who needs another trailerable yacht when the entire industry is struggling to stay afloat? Download PDF >>

The Boat

The Farr 42 built by Austral Yachts in South Australia called Evolution Racing, chartered by Ray Roberts for the regatta, wins first place in IRC Passage Division 1 of the Hamilton Island Race Week 2010.

Upwind sails were Evolution made at their Mona Vale Sydney loft.

Downwind sails were Quantum.

The Crew

Ray Roberts Skipper, Richard Hudson Navigator, Jamie McPhail Tactics, Dave Morris Main, Tim Davis Trim, Toby Munns Tail, Garry Adshead Pit, Dale Johnson Mast, Disco Mid Bow, Andy Hudson Bow, Adam Brown Float/Grind

The Results

First in IRC Passage Division 1.

Race 1 = Position 2
Race 2 = Position 1
Race 3 = Position 1
Race 4 = Position 2
Race 5 = Position 3
Race 6 = Position 1
Race 7 = Position 5

Race 7 was the discard.
The results after race 6 meant that it was not necessary to start in the race 7.
Total points 10, Charisma the 2nd placed boat had 19 points.

Summary of each race

Race 1: Molle Island race 24nm. 8-12kts E/SE Evolution Racing 2nd by 1 second.

Race 2: Island race around Pine Island 22nm. 8-12kts E/SE. Evolution Racing 1st.

Race 3: Scheduled Long race was cancelled due to light wind and replaced by a 14nm Island race around Anne Island. Less than 10kts all day. Evolution racing 1st and also Line Honours.

Race 4: Island race Around Sidney Island 18nm. NE/SE 6-19kts.Evolution racing 2nd.

Race 5: Island race around Sidney Island and Pine Island 24nm. 16-24 kts E/SE. Evolution racing 3rd.

Race 6: Island Race around Sidney Island and Pine Island 22nm. 12-18kts E/SE. Evolution racing 1st.

Race 7: Lindeman Island race 23.5 nm. 13-18kts SE. Evolution racing 5th.


Michael Keough, Austral Yachts Managing Director

Competing on the local stage, the yacht has certainly proved her metal in the Adelaide to Lincoln (third across the line), the Sydney Hobart and Skandia Geelong Race Week.

The Farr design office was very keen to be involved in this project and set about researching the rule and coming up with a design that met my objectives of performance and reasonable accommodation for the return trip cruises after ocean races and major regattas. 

Since launching the yacht in October 2006, we have done the races from Melbourne to Stanley and Sydney to Hobart as well as the Lipton regatta, sail south week, Docklands invitational and Skandia Geelong week. I am extremely happy with the performance of the yacht, and we are on a steep learning curve with many of the crew who have not sailed on such a powerful stiff yacht(last boat was a Super 30). 

In lighter breeze (5kn - 12kn) where the crew work is less critical, the performance has been up there with the 45ft - 50 ft yachts and certainly ahead on handicap. In the heavier winds we need to develop the skill base of the crew to get consistent results.

David Eickmeyer, head of Quantum Sails in Melbourne has also spent a bit of time on board the new Farr 42. “I have sailed on many IRC boats over the last few years and no 40 odd foot boat has impressed me more than the new Farr 42 built by Austral yachts.

The boat has it all for a racer /cruiser, great rating, great speed around the track, and an interior that will cater for families.

With the direction of the new IRC 40+ footers being flat, with massive rigs and great amounts of lead under the water, they make for a very fast and powerful boat for the more skilful crews to fang around the race track.

"The Farr 42 stands out as a great production racer that will cater for those that have racing in their blood and wives that like cruising. Sailed well this boat will be a stand out performer for a production racer /cruiser in the IRC class."



Regatta Chairman Tim Goodbody's reminder that 'Volvo Dun Laoghaire is a fun regatta, not a championship' did little to stem the fierce competition for the coveted Volvo prizes in 29 classes as the last race of the event concluded in the lightest winds of the series.

Three national championship titles were decided as part of the regatta programme for more than 3,000 sailors. Joker II (John Maybury) took the 11-boat J109 Irish title after a series long fight with Pat Kelly's Storm from Rush and a Clyde Cruising Club entry, Leaky Roof 2, (Alan Harper) won the Sigma 33 championships. TheBeneteau 21 title went to Séamus Storan's Capilano of the Royal Irish Yacht Club in a 13-boat fleet.

The biennial regatta is being hailed an enormous success both afloat and ashore for a combined fleet of 415 boats, the biggest on the Irish Sea. Over 250 races on five different courses were staged in a range of light to very heavy conditions since racing began last Thursday.

Although 180 visiting boats, made up nearly half the fleet, yachts from outside the bay area took away only seven trophies. The bulk of the silverware – 17 titles – have stayed on Dun Laoghaire's waterfront.

Trophies were awarded in each of the 29 competing classes plus several premier awards at a special National Yacht Club ceremony this afternoon bringing the curtain down on one of the most successful stagings of Ireland's biggest sailing event.

The IRC Coastal fleet start race four this morning under race officer David Lovegrove from Howth

In a summer of achievements for George Sisk, the Boat of the Week award follows his IRC National Championship victory in Kinsale last month. The premier award for top visiting boat went to Harper's Leaky Roof 2. The best IRC yacht award went to Paul Colton's quarter tonner Cri-Cri from the Royal Irish. The best one design keelboat award went to the Ruffian 23 Diane II skippered by Chris Helme of the Royal St. George YC.

Scotland's Clyde Cruising Club took a win in the Sigma 33 class and very nearly in the Beneteau 21 class. Howth Yacht Club took wins in IRC three, the Howth 17s, J24s (including the class Leinster Championship title) and the Water Wags but outside of that there was only single wins for Belfast Lough in the RS Elite. Cullaun Sailing Club in County Clare won the Wayfarers.

In Dun Laoghaire, The Royal Irish topped the leaderboard with eight wins across IRC and one design including: IRC One, IRC Four, J109, White Sails Two, Dragon, Beneteau 21 and Mermaid. Royal St. George YC yachts won in seven classes of one designs from Beneteau 31.7 keelboats to GP14 dinghies.The National Yacht

Club had five victories; White Sails one, Flying Fifteen, SB20, Shipman and Moth.

In the IRC divisions although Royal Cork's Jump Juice, Howth's Dux and the Royal Irish's Cri–Cri held their leads in Divisions zero, three and four respectively today's final race brought changes to the leaderboard in both IRC one and two. South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club in Wales looked sure of IRC Two with a fine

performance by The J97 Injenious (Mike and Graham Crompton & Hallworth) until a last race comeback by Howth's modified Half–Tonner Harmony.

In the one designs there were plaudits for many consistent performers including John Masterson's National Yacht Club based Shipman 28, Curraglas. Winners of the GP14 series, Gerard Owens and Melanie Morris were eight points clear at the top with six results from eight in the top three. Likewsie in the Squib keelboats, Vincent Delany took the overall prize with six race wins from nine starts.


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